The MaxNote Company (MNC) is a media company aimed at providing great entertainment, a platform for musician, djs, artists, thirdly, the MNC is here to bring change and make it easier for people in the creative space to be discovered and also provide services in which these people can use. We have different companies and divisions that make sure we keep our promises: A Record label; Radio Station; TV Channel. All our companies are online and operating digitally so.

MaxNote Music (Record label)

MaxNote Music is here to build a solid and stable foundation the underground scene. The aim is to unleash and spead talent and emotions through music. MaxNote Music started operating in 2015 and released the first song proffesionally in 2018. Currently the signed artists are M-Power RSA, Braxton SA & Broderos and has over 8 singles, 2 EPs, 1 compilation & 1 Album. MaxNote Music does not rush its releases but perfects them first then share them with the rest of the world.

Visit website: https://maxnote.co.za/music
Contact: music@maxnote.co.za

MaxNote Radio (Radio Station)

MaxNote Radio is the home of good music and quality entertainment. The aim is to give different DJs who play different styles a platform to show case their skills and taste musically. With shows such as MPWR Sessions & Deep & Soulful Pleasures, MaxNote Radio has grown massively so. In 2019, it had over 3000 downloads & over 600 streams on all episodes. In 2020 August, it already had over 4000 streams & a massive 5000+ downloads on all episodes. MaxNote Radio keeps on getting bigger and better – It also reaches out to more and more people on a daily basis globally.

Visit website: https://maxnote.co.za/radio
Contact: radio@maxnote.co.za

MaxNote TV (TV Channel)

MaxNote TV has to be one of slowly improving companies. There is not much content as yet but we are surely working on it. Currently MaxNote TV works together with MaxNote Music to avail music streaming on YouTube.
Visit website: https://maxnote.co.za/tv
Contact: tv@maxnote.co.za

To find out more how you can make use of any of the companys’ service please visit their respective websites. To Endorse/Sponser/Advertise with any of the MaxNote companies please contact: info@maxnote.co.za