Taking A Look Back At “Deep & Soulful Pleasures”

Deep & Soulful Pleasures is a podcast MaxNote Radio started in May 2020 and the purpose for the podcast was to get different DJs to express their taste and skills in House music and indeed, each and every DJ thus far has been able to bring out the beast in themselves. MaxNote Radio kicked off the show with a mix from Razer Ray, where he played Deep & Dubby jams. The episode received a lot of love & support from people. Braxton SA, resident DJ at MaxNote Radio, continued the journey when he was featured on the second episode.

The show is currently on its 10th episode and we would like to thank Jbl Ancient for blessing us with an incredible Deep & Soulful House mix for November. The podcast also featured the likes of DJ Tyson, Selektive Jam, Black Afrika, DJ Popx, Oak TK, Guru SA, Braxton SA, and Its Rene who happens to be the first Female DJ to play on the show.
We as the MaxNote Company would love to congratulate MaxNote Radio for reaching their 10th episode on Deep & Soulful Pleasures and also appreciating the DJs who deliver great music on every episode.

You can listen or download the show here:

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #01: Razer Ray

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #02: Braxton SA

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #03: DJ TYSON

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #04: DJ Popx

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #05: Selektive Jam

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #06: Guru SA

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #07: Oak TK

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #08: Its Rene

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #09: Black Afrika

Deep & Soulful Pleasures #10: Jbl Ancient

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