DJ Speedsta leaves Metro FM, he is “tired of a lot of things”. South African Hip Hop DJ, radio and personality, DJ Speedsta posted on his Facebook page – expressing the fact that he is “tired of a lot of things”. In the post, DJ Speedsta shortly speaks about how he got the gig on the SABC‘s Metro FM while he was contractually bound with YFM. “It was April 2017, I was on holiday in Amsterdam. Had just signed a new contract at YFM. I out of nowhere get a call saying “We want you at metro” at the time I just signed a new contract at Y. I said to Mr Soglo “what do you mean you want me at Metro” is this some kind of joke? He said no. We want you as soon as you get back. I took all my savings and bought myself out my YFM contract to go do my dream job.”

The “Mayo” hitmaker also mentioned the sacrifices he made to be on the show every Saturday. “I sacrificed my Saturday nights, sacrificed my gigs, missed plenty weddings, plenty Saturday nights, Missed a lot of time with people who care for me. I told the lord last year there’s no way I’m doing that any longer and here we are.” The slot from 6pm to 10pm can be tricky for a well-established DJ like DJ Speedsta.

DJ Speedsta is consistent when coming to releasing hits and he is one of the DJs who give up-and-coming rappers a platform to share their talent. We have seen this with many of his songs, for example, “Mayo”. “When I was at Y we put people on, When I was at Metro we put more people on. I’m glad I could contribute to the culture.”

DJ Speedsta shows gratitude to those who were involved in making the show “Absolute Hip Hop” what it was and all the efforts they have put in it, “We did our thing, Me, Looty and Jawz. Absolute Hip Hop!! Was so sad to tell auntie Merissa that this was the last invoice we’re doing.”

In all honesty, DJ Speedsta alongside his team at Metro FM, really put together a great show! We wish him all the best in the industry”

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