Submit A Mix

Do you want to get your mix on MaxNote Radio? Well it’s very simple to do so. Just follow these simple rules below:

Your mix must consist and/or constructed in and/or have the following:

  1. One (1) hour Mix
  2. Clean mixes (No voice tags)
  3. Play the required genre (style), e.g Deep House, Soulful House, Dub etc.
  4. Submit on time (preferably two(2) weeks before)
  5. Submit a tracklist via email. Written! (No PDFs or Docs).
  6. Tracklist should be correctly written (e.g Correct Artist, Song title & Version)
  7. Tracklist construction: Artist – Song title – Version (e.g Artist2 Remix)
  8. Upload your mix on Google Drive, Sendspace or Dropbox
  9. Mix(es) should be in mp3
  10. Provide Social Media & Bookings information (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Email & Contact details)
  11. All mixes must be sent to

All mixes failing to meet the criteria will NOT be accepted. When your mix is approved, you will be notified, either via Email.