Lil Soul invites DJ, Producer and Record label owner BisoDeep on “Definition Of Rhythm” for a thrilling episode filled with nothing but Deep House music! This episode features music by Nutty Nys, Soulfreakah, M-Power RSA, Earful Soul, and more. Kindly enjoy and feel free to Support us and leave comment.

  1. Take A Breath (TimAdeep Remix)
  2. M-Power RSA – If It Touches Your Soul (You Are Blessed) (Original Mix)
  3. Tea White ft Xabizo – Lullabies For You [Stay True Sounds]
  4. Usher – Climax (Tholo Mashika & Doza Grounded Maximum Climax Mix)
  5. George Micheal Careless Whisper (MaBt Vocal Mix)
  6. Nutty Nys – Eternal
  7. Soulfreakah – Ride On Brother
  8. Ladi Adiosoul – I know
  9. I Can’t Stand A Night
  10. TimAdeep – Untitled
  11. Echo Deep – Angels Peace
Tracklist: Guest Mix
  1. Tahir Jones – Sundowner [Selebogo Capital Records]
  2. Tea White – Tell Stories (feat. Jenimi) [Stay True Sounds]
  3. Tylmagaar – Mamba [Deep Obsession Recordings]
  4. Wapo – Star Debris [Garden.Co]
  5. Imprazen, Mogomosti Chosen – Together [Candy Soundz SA Records]
  6. Jazzuelle,C-Moody feat Sfundo – Far Away (C-Moody Remix)
  7. Tyl Magaar,Veesoul – Look No Hands [Dee Obsession Recordings]
  8. LebtoniQ, Mega BT, Oscar Mbo – God Listen [The Ashmed Hour Records]
  9. T-Deep – Centric Harmony [Genesis]
  10. LaTique feat Colbert & Chymamusique – Above My Head [Atjazz Record Company]
  11. Earful Soul – Make Difference [Aluku Records]


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