“Dreamer Don’t Give Up EP” is Braxton SA’s latest work released under MaxNote Music (Record Label). The young artist talks about his influences that inspired him throughout the production of the EP. “Although it was not easy, but it has been an incredible take. I tend to look at music in a different perception, what mostly happens in my life is how it’s put out in my music” says Braxton SA. The EP was inspired by his dreams, abilities and ambitions. So far this is his first big project and the artist is quite excited about it. “2020 hasn’t been as it was expected, but what I mostly appreciate about the year is the time it has given me to root into the journey”
The EP is releasing on 04 December 2020 but the “Commercial Vesions (Shorter & Streamable Versions)” are available on MaxNote TV ‘s YouTube channel.

Since, we as the MaxNote Company want to bless your ears, you can download the “Commercial Versions” for free here:

You can go stream the EP on:

Download the EP on:

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